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Mongosse Shaker Screen

Swaco mongosse composite shaker screen  is a kind of composite frame screen.Swaco screen also named Swaco mongosse composite shaker screen. Swaco mongosse screen used in stype of MI swaco mongoose shale shaker.swaco shaker screen dimension:1165×585×40mm. Swaco shaker screen quiped on stype of TRZS585 linear shale shaker and TRPS585 Balanced elliptical shale shaker.

Mongoose Shaker Screen

Swaco Shaker Screen main feature as follows:

1.Swaco mongosse screen is mainly composed of composite frame and 2 or 3 layers stainless steel wire cloths. The wire cloth can be combined with the frame with metal rubber lining,or directly bonded on the frame.

2.Every layer of wire cloth has different meshes,accurateky and reasonably making screening more micromesh.

3.High-strength composite frame screen and moderate tensional screening cloth, that form areliable whole,greatly enhance the tolerable flow.

4.Rapid wedge tensioning devices make screen installation more convenient, and save the time of machine halt for changing.

5.Wire cloth is divided into several independent small cloths to prevent excessive expansion of local damage.

  1. Excellent high-strength composite frames enhance corrosion resistance, Have good shock absorption and extend working life of screen.

Swaco Shaker Screen Parameter

  Screen Model  Range of Mesh Dimension    Brand & Model of Shaker
( Width x Length)
TRSC-1/1 20-325 585×1165×40mm SWACO MONGOOSE SHALE SHAKER

Our company can prodcue different type of composite frame screens according to customer’s  requirement .

API RP 13C(ISO 13501)
D100 Separation(Microns) API Screen Number D100 Separation(Microns) API Screen Number
>780.0 to 925.0 API 20 >165.0 to 196.0 API 80
>655.0 to 780.0 API 25 >137.5 to 165.0 API 100
>550.0 to 655.0 API 30 >116.5 to 137.5 API 120
>462.5 to 550.0 API 35 > 98.0 to 116.5 API 140
>390.0 to 462.5 API 40 > 82.5 to 98.0 API 170
>327.5 to 390.0 API 45 > 69.0 to 82.5 API 200
>275.0 to 327.5 API 50 > 58.0 to 69.0 API 230
>231.0 to 275.0 API 60 > 49.0 to 58.0 API 270
>196.0 to 231.0 API 70 > 41.5 to 49.0 API 325

We are an exporter of Swaco Shaker Screen.Our factory approval the API Q1,Swaco Shaker Screen have the API certification.TR solids control is the designed,selling,production,service and delivery of solids equipment manufacturer.We will provide the high quality Swaco Shaker Screen.Your best Drilling shaker screen manufacturer start from TR solids control.

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