BEM Shale Shaker For Drilling Waste Management

Mud shale shaker are used to remove a large amount of harmful solid particles from the drilling fluid. With the requirements of environmental protection, drilling waste can not be discharged freely and needs to be treated and recycled.In order to provide customers with high quality service, TR solid control has designed a Mud Waste Management System for our client and has been verified on site.

BEM Shale Shaker|drilling shale shaker|mud shale shaker

BEM Shale Shaker

The slurry waste treatment system is composed of a drying shaker and a vertical cutting dryer and a high speed centrifuge. Dry shaker is the most basic and critical equipment. Dry shaker is also developed from the mud shaker.The design principle of the mud shale shaker and the drying shaker is the same, but with the different installed screen and the inlet funnel. The mud shale shaker is used in the Mud Waste Management System.

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drilling shale shaker|mud shale shaker

The mud shale shaker is divided into linear shale shaker and  BEM shale shaker. Drying shaker is also divided into linear shale shaker and  BEM shale shaker. Linear shale shaker vibration has greater vibrating force and is suitable for lower mud viscosity,  high solid content mud waste treatment. The BEM shale shaker is suitable for mud waste treatment with higher mud viscosity.

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liear shale shaker|shale shakers

TR Solids Control is a solid control equipment manufacturer specialized in mud shale shaker and well drilling fluid shale shaker.Also we are one exporter of mud shale shaker and drilling fluid shale shaker.Welcome to TR Solids Control for inquiry and instruction on shale shaker


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