Shaker Screens

Shaker screens are used in raw material as stainless steel wire, metal wire sieve net and synthetic fiber screen three categories. Wire is 0.4 ~ 0.025 mm thickness of specifications. That is used mostly tabby organizations or twill seats shape organization. Metal net pore is clear, the net surface flat is correct, high temperature resistant, character such as wear-resisting, stainless steel screen also ability corrosion. Therefore, metal net much used in powder screening and oil filter. Our shale shaker screens are made of stainless steel which wear resistance, corrosion resistance ensure long service life. They are widely used in oil drilling, gas layer, pipeline crossing of excavation engineering.

Derrick FLC503 Shaker Screen

Derrick FLC503 Shaker Screen

TR Solid Control Manufactured replacement screens for “Derrick” Equipment Company shale shakers combine mesh combinations with an innovative, wave-patterned perforated plate to extend the shaker area and to improve the separation efficiency while extending screen life. TR manufactured screens for “Derrick” Equipment Company shale shakers are available in a most of models mesh combinations.

Derrick FLC2000 Shaker Screen

Derrick FLC2000 Shaker Screen

TR manufactured shale shaker screens are engineered to meet the exact models of “Derrick” Equipment Company shale shakers and can be installed directly on the shale shakers.At the same time,TR shale shaker screens have another feature that it adopts the wavy mesh on the frame to extend the screen area and improve the efficiency of process.

Mi-Swaco shaker screen|swaco screen

Mi-Swaco shaker screen

Mi-Swaco shaker screen 20mesh-160mesh 40mesh/12mesh  900X1146
80mesh/20mesh  900X1146
140mesh/20mesh 900X1146
NOV Brandt Screen APC-1000
20mesh/12mesh  633X1250
60mesh/20mesh  633X1250
100mesh/40mesh  633X1250
140mesh/40mesh  633X1250
TR Shaker Screen|shaker screen manufacturer

TR Shaker Screen

TR Solid Control
shale shaker screen
PWP 48-30D 40mesh/20mesh     700X1050
80mesh/20mesh     700X1050
120mesh/30mesh    700X1050
160mesh/40mesh    700X1050
TR Solid Control shale shaker screen PMD 48-30D 20mesh/12mesh     700X1050
40mesh/18mesh/12mesh  700X1050
100mesh/40mesh/20mesh  700X1050
160mesh/60mesh/20mesh  700X1050
200mesh/60mesh/20mesh  700X1050


We are an exporter of Swaco Shaker Screen.Our factory approval the API Q1,Derrick Shaker Screen have the API certification.TR solids control is the designed,selling,production,service and delivery of solids equipment manufacturer.We will provide the high quality Swaco Shaker Screen.Your best Drilling shaker screen manufacturer start from TR solids control.
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