Drilling Mud Centrifuge

Drilling Mud Centrifuge the use of centrifugal force, separating a mixture of liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid components of the machine. Mud Centrifuges the suspension is mainly used for the solid particles separated from the liquid, or emulsion of two different density, and to separate immiscible liquids (e.g. oil and water separation); use of solid particles of differing density or particle size in liquid settling velocity different characteristics, and some also on the drilling mud centrifuges according to the density of solid particles or particle size classification.

Drilling Mud Centrifuges,Mud Decanting Centrifuges

Drilling Mud CentrifugesTechnical Parameters

 Model  TRLW450N-1  TRGLW450N-2  TRLW550N-1  TRLW600N-1
 Bowl Diameter  450mm (17.7inch)  450mm (17.7inch)  550mm (21.7inch)  600mm (23.6inch)
 Bowl Length  1000mm(39.3inch)  1250(49.2inch)  1800mm(70.9inch)  1500mm(59inch)
 Max Capacity  50m3/h  60m3/h  90m3/h  90m3/h
 Max Speed  2200r/min  2200r/min  2200r/min  2200r/min
 G-Force  1215  1215  1484  1619
 Separation  5~7um  5~7um  5~7um  5~7um
 Main Drive  30kW-4p  30kW-4p  55kW-4p  55kW-4p
 Back Drive N/A  18.5kW-4p  15kW-4p
 Weight  2600kg  3000kg  5600kg  5520kg
 Dimension  2450X1680X1750  2600X1680X1750  3550X1800X1750  2900X1900X1750

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